Saturday, July 25, 2009


I went back and took out the picture of the boys playing in their poop because I did not know how to blur out their little boy parts. The first time I put up the picture I did not realize how much it showed. The second time I put up the picture I tried to blur it out but I guess the color was not dark enough. SO, for my kiddos safety I just deleted all poop playing pictures! You will just have to trust me that it was nasty.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Greyson & Jerrard

I did a boot camp the moth of June with 3 great friends. We got our but kicked by the #1 Aggie quarterback!! Yes, Jerrard Johnson was our trainer! My hubby was so jealous. This will give me something to do during football season now! I will be the one rooting for "my trainer"!! THe last night of class Greyson got his picture taken with Jerrard. Jerrard was great with Grey!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Making DoeDoe

My PawPaw used to rock me to sleep and he would say we were making doedoe. I walked into Greysons room the other night and found him rocking Grey making doedoe! My boys are blessed boy to have wonderful grandparents & greatgrandparents!

Potty Training

Or hopes of it!! The boys wanted to sit on the potty the other day and Hudson was successful and teeteed but JAck just had a "good try". I took pictures because they were just too cute!! Note Jacks safety goggles!! He is so into dressing up. Hudson just likes to pee in the grass glasses or not!

Family Fun

We were having a very hot Texas day so we had a fun picture day in the house!!
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San Antonio

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We Are Back!!

We have been so busy this last month!! We went to San Antonio with my family and also to Pine Cove. I will be slowly posting photos of all our fun events! AS for now my latest story is that I walked in on the boys this afternoon and found them naked, throwing balls of poop and it smeared on the floor!! What did this mom do? I ran and got my camera!! Enjoy the photos! And yes--that is poop smeared on Jacks chest.