Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lenny, TUCK, and MingMing too

For those of you that do not have toddlers, the title of my post is the names of the animals on the show Wonder Pets. Yesterday When we were driving home from gymnastics I saw a turtle on the road. Being the good mother that I am I decided to stop and pick it up to show the boys. When I got it in the car it decided to wake up and come out of its shell which caused alot of girly screams from me!! My masculine hubby came to the rescue (because I was sure it was hissing and trying to bite me) and got it out of the car! The boys enjoyed the turtle so much that we decided to keep it 2 spankings and a fit later because they would not come inside. So Tuck our turtle was put in the garden to eat bugs! We went back out to check on him but he was no where to be seen. Oh-well, it was fun while it lasted.

PS--Tuck was a box turtle, they do not bite and a few years ago where on the endangered species list. They can live up to 100 years. I promise it looked furociuos when its head and legs were coming out of the shell!!

PSS--The first picture is of Tuck with his cape on that he wears when he saves the animals that call him and his friends for help. (FYI in case you don't watch the show)

Rub a Dub Dub 2 sets of Twins in the Tub

We had some friends out to the house to play one day last week and ended the night with all 4 kids in the tub. Davis and Berkley are twins that are almost two. They are so fun and the kids did a great job playing together. I also threw in a picture of Grey Baby too! He rolled over yesterday at playgroup from back to tummy all by himself! He is getting sooo big!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Greyson started running a fever Sunday as well as coughing and not wanting to eat. I took him in on Mon and Tue morning to the pediatrician but he thought it was just a virus due to how late in the season we wre for RSV. Wednesday morning Grey woke up very congested with no appetite and was turning blue around the lips when he had a coughing fit. He also had not eaten but 2-3 times the day before and when he did he would throw up and not hold anything down. My dad and I took him to the ER Wed morning where he was given an IV and oxygen. They admitted him and he stayed for 2 nights. I am so thankful that Greyson responded well to fluids and oxygen and that we are on the mend. He is still not as hungry as normal, but we are watching for wet diapers and I am pumping so we can see how many ounces he takes. Please oray for a full recovery and that he will once again want to nurse when he is well (right now it is too hard to suck, swallow and breath).

Baseball boys

The boys LOVE all balla! I bought them baseball gloves and balls after we went to see an Aggie baseball game. They have enjoyed learning a new sport!!

Heavy Load

Jackson & HUdson have decided that they don't like to be dirty anymore. Jackson was walking down the hall the other morning to be changed and his little walk with a full diaper was hilarious.

Naked as a Jay Bird

The boys LOVE LOVE LOVE to be naked so the other day I let them play in the backyard in their birthday suit. We only had one minor problem--Huddy pooped in the sand box but Ellie (our dog) was sweet enough to clean it up! YUCK

4 month stats

Greyson had his 4 month check up
13lbs 15oz (25-50%)
23 inches (5-10%)

Greyson also tried rice cereal but wasn't a fan. We will stick to breast milk for awhile longer!!!

He Has Risen!!

We spent Easter Sunday in Temple with all of the DeSalvo Family. We had a great time visiting and celebrating the risen Saviour!!

Little aggies

We took the boys to an Aggie scrimmage ans met some of our other twin friens, Davis & Berkley. The boys had so much fun wathing "Agggie Upball".

I wanna be like you!!

Circus Fun!!

Bill, Hudson, Jackson, GramGram, Poppi and I took the boys to the Circus on Good Friday! The boys had a blast. The highlight of the evening was when the elephant pooped! The boys still talk about the "elepant poop".

Hunting Easter Eggs

The boys had fun hunting Easter eggs at Lauren & Blake's 2nd bday party and at our Sunday School Easter egg hunt. They got lots of eggs but would have rather sat and eat the candy out of one egg before finding the next!!