Friday, June 19, 2009


We have had lots of sickness in the house this week. It started with JAckson having an ear infection on Sunday, Bill with fever Monday threw today, Hudson had fever Tuesday and Wednesday and Greyson had it on Thursday and today. We are praying we are all well by Sunday as we are going to Sea World with my family!! I took some pictures of the boys while they were recooperating yesterday!

A New Baby in the House

It seems that every time I turn around Elmo is swinging, sleeping, eating, or playing in something of Greysons'. The boys are crazy about Elmo so we have added him to the family!

Beating the Heat

The boys had a fun afternoon cooling off in the backyard baby pool! They are so cute and are really starting to talk and express themselves!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hudson Cates

Jackson Cade

Greyson Carter

6 month Stats:
16 lbs 15 oz
23 inches
As advised from my pediatrician Grey slept in his bed for the first time last night. HE is getting so big. I love this little guy more & more each day!

Daddy & Greyson

I accidentally added Huddy twice instead of Grey Baby.

Daddy & His Boys

Sarah Giles

We had some pictures taken and here are the results. Sarah (the photographer) wasn't crazy about the lighting, but I think they turned out pretty good considering the subjects were 2 1/2 and 5 months!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009

Just A Swinging

Greyson has gotten big enough to swing outside in the baby swing. He and Jackson had a good time swinging together!

LSU Tigers

Hudson & Jackson are so funny! They will tell you that Pappadeaux says "Go Tigers", and Daddy days "Gig'em Aggies". My parents came to visit so all three boys put on their LSU Tiger shirts while Daddy was at work (they aren't aloud to wear them in public with Daddy)!

Cool Dude Haircuts

Each of the three boys got a hair cut from their Daddy in the backyard last week. They did a great job and now tell me they have a "cool dude" haircut.

On a side note Jackson ONLY wants to wear Aggie clothes and throws a fit if he has to wear anything else. So, I have to tell him that "so and so has a cool dude blue shirt like this one" in order for him to wear anything other then his beloved Aggie shirt. So, if any of you see JAck in his maroon shirt for more then one day in a row you know that I didn't have the fight in for that day!!

Attack of the Mosquito

The boys got attacked by a mosquito in their bed one evening. Poor Jackson had over 10 bites on his face and Hudson had some on face and ear also. My poor boys looked so beat up.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mud Day

Davis and Berkley invited us to their Mommys school to play in the mud. We were not to sure what to think at first, but we got brave and got our feet muddy! The play ground and ice cream was lots of fun too! Thanks for inviting us!