Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fashion Show

All three boys were in a fashion show this past weekend at the Childrens Museum here in town. They lloked so handsome and did a fantastic job! The only issue that occured is that Greyson had a huge blowout right before he was supposed to go out--all over an expensive outfit that was not mine. They were very nice about it and did not make me buy it!!The boys walked down hand in hand and showed everyone their gig'em!

First Oreo & Bath

Greyson has been trying out new "people" food. HE really likes most everything! He is such an easy baby and good eater! He still nurses 4-5 times a day but we are adding grown up food in too! Grey loved his oreo and his first big boy bath sitting up by himself with his brothers!

Don't Let the Bud Bugs Bite

THis past month when we go in to check on the boys they have been right by each others side dozing. I pray that the Lord would continue to grow them up to be best buddies with each other and with Greyson. There is nothing sweeter then seeing your little boys love each other!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Computer Problems

We are currently having problems with our computer--we have run out of space to save anything. It is being worked on. Will post pictures soon.

Also--keep your fingers crossed and say LOtS of prayers--Hudson & Jackson are starting the potty training process tomorrow. My sweet mom came up to help. We are following the book "Potty train in a Day" but because we have two kids we are going to give ourselves two days!!! Just kidding--we are taking the rest of the week!